"The most delicious Hand-held Seafood"
Spade hand catch seafood, hand catch form wild, return to nature, close the distance between people. Tangy fragrance, relatively intoxicated taste, very rich, fine meat,
crisp outside and tender inside, fresh fragrance lingering in our tongue, let us eat after the lips and teeth stay fragrant.
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Hand-caught seafood: crab, crayfish, oyster, mussels, shrimp, jumbo crab, king crab, snow crab legs, lobster, vegetables, corn, potatoes, etc. There are also other fried shrimp, fried fish, fried oysters; sweet and juicy raw oysters and delicious steamed oysters. The hand-held seafood has a good mix of sauces, and you can choose the spiciness according to your preference (not spicy, little spicy, medium spicy, big spicy, very spicy), so some people who don't eat spicy food can also enjoy their meal.
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Material selection, the pursuit of quality of raw materials. Conditioning carefully, carefully focused process adhere to.
With your sincere treatment, warm as home atmosphere. We hope that every customer has an appointment with the dining mood.
Hand-caught seafood was born in 1775. The Acadians,
French-speaking Canadians, left their British settlement and
moved to the southern part of Louisiana, USA, where seafood and
vegetables were cooked in a pot with some spicy and rich
seasonings, giving birth to a new cuisine, Cajun food, of which
hand-caught seafood is a delicacy.
The ingredients are fresh, and you can enjoy all kinds of raw and expensive seafood in the hand-caught seafood! Fresh shrimp, unique slices of snails, delicious clams, sweet corn, delicious potatoes, etc. explode in the mouth, spicy but not mouth, numb not hurt tongue, sweet but not greasy, triple delicious all in the tongue dance happily, is the complexity and suspense of Western-style meals can not match, and do not want to stop!