Gift Cards
Boost customer engagement and create new streams of revenue with AIYA Gift Cards.
  • Sell More
    Customers are more likely to spend more when they have a gift card. Gift cards are prepaid, meaning you get the money upfront. Customizable gift card design deepens brand awareness and helps your business stand out from the competition.
  • Get More
    Provide both physical and digital gift cards. Make it easy for customers to get and redeem cards rights on their phones. Replace paper certificates with gift cards and decrease the chances of counterfeit, lost, or stolen cards.
Attract and lock in your customers at first glance.
Flyer & Poster Design
A restaurant flyer poster has the power to influence what decisions customers make before they even consider looking at a menu.
Menu Design
Choose the best design that showcases your amazing restaurant and dishes online. With AIYAOrder, you can easily update them at any time, for any occasion.